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Happiness: Inspiration

That sudden brilliant idea, that sudden lightbulb that comes on in our head and compels us to do something creative.

Inspiration comes from observing. Every person is inspired by different things and in the different ways. I believe that oppurtunities to be inspired happens all the time. Talking to people, checking social media, volunteering, etc, anything can spark up an idea. Once that is done, figure out what appeals to your emotions.

The most important step after is to TAKE ACTION. Get off your a** and do something about it. Remember Rome was’nt built in a day, great people didn’t change the world in one day, its gonna take time but you will slowly start to see your idea come to life.

Continue!!!!!!!! Don’t relent, keep moving forward and if you start feeling that the flame is starting to burn out, don’t worry just revisit those initial feelings that got you inspired in the first place.

I saw this quote somewhere about how when you have any idea, take it and run with it. Dream it, think it, live it, let your brain, muscle, nerves and every part of body be full of that idea and leave other ideas alone. Honestly, I question the fact that I have to put all my effort into one idea, when I have over a 100 in my head.

I believe that to live an inspired life, you must be free of the fear of being wrong. This is very true because you have to be willing to take risks to acheive your goal.

For me, having different ideas doesn’t mean that I have fears that I have to have a backup plan in case one of my ideas fail. (Or does it 🤔🤔, NOOOOO). I believe that each of my ideas would keep me busy, happy and most importantly will succeed.

I actually have several short term and long term ideas that I am currently acting on. I just hope for more inspiration and strenght to take action.



Happiness: Personality Number 1.

So the first personality that should be dominant in anyone’s mind is ‘HAPPINESS’. But I’ve come to discover that being happy is ultimately based on each person’s choice. You actually have to work, take actions and choose to be happy cause it doesn’t just happen on its own. This book I read: ‘The Subtle Act Of Not Giving A F*ck’ explains the happiness comes from solving problems which can only be done by taking actions. So TAKE ACTION……. Write that book, learn that skill, do the thing that you have been clearly avoiding because of fear of failure. Take it day by day and you will slowly start to feel this sense of satisfaction that at least you made the effort. Trust me the worst feeling for me is feeling regret that a different outcome could have happened if I had only tried.

I recently started to believe that true happiness comes from taking interest and showing gratitude for the little details in your daily life no matter how small. Its the little things in life that we enjoy that matters and makes us truely happy.

Happiness for me come from doing. I’m definately the biggest Procastinator EVER!!!!!!! But over time (Thank God 😂), i’ve come to notice that my biggest source of happiness comes from when I set out a goal or a list of daily activities and actually perfom them. It’s literally the most rewarding feeling ever.

I’m also very protective of what I hear people say to and about me. Growing up I would take every single thing people say to or about me to heart and I would just never let it go. Honestly, it drove me mad, draining my happiness. These days, I tend to block out ALL negative thoughts from my brain.

What do you do to be happy? Pls comment below. Over time, I would be breaking down different layers of happiness and this also applies for the other 5 personalities.


The Start!!!!!

Defined as your present state of mind or feeling, everyone’s MOOD has an effect on them and each person has a responsibility to choose how their mood affects them, how they treat others because of their mood and how long they allow this mood to remain at the forefront of their minds.

There are several feelings experienced by a person each day. But for me everyone’s mood centers around: fear, anger, disgust, happiness, surprise and sadness. I call them my ‘6 Personalities’ cause I become a different person entirely when I am in each of these 6 states. And so those everyone else……..

Overtime I would breakdown each of these feeling into other related feeling, give my opinion why you feel this way, give my own and other people’s experience and suggest if this feelings are worth hanging on to or not. I would also love to hear your own take or experiences at the comment section.

I’m so excited and can’t wait to begin!!!